I thought I’d probably better post something up to let you know what we’ve been doing this week! On Sunday, as I mentioned before, we went down to see Philippa’s parents. We were there until Wednesday. It was rather nice actually, as well as having a break we were able to be productive by talking to the Catholic Building Society about our mortgage.

When we got back home, we spent quite a lot of the time working on house type stuff (application forms, letters to solicitors, etc)… it’s moving forward slowly! We have until the end of June before we have to move out of the place we’re renting at the moment, so hopefully everything will be sorted by then.

Yesterday, I dropped my car off to be serviced, and then we went round to Alex’s for a bit. We had an omelette for lunch (cooked by Alex, it was very nice!) and then we came back here in the evening for dinner (lasagne) and rented a film. We watched “Stranger Than Fiction”, which is actually a really good film.

So… that’s been our week in a fairly short summary! All for now…


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