Quick update

Not much to say really, I just thought I haven’t updated that much recently so I’ll just post up a quick one to let you know what’s going on (or not!). I’ve updated the links section with a few additional links. If you don’t know it already, check out XKCD (under the ‘others’ section), it’s a very funny webcomic — although if you’re not a technical person you might not get some of the jokes (some of them you don’t have to be technical to get, though, such as this one).

Anyway. Yesterday I went to home group in the evening, although Phil wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t go. She’s had a virus, although is feeling much better today!

This evening we are having ‘Clerks night’ at our place, i.e. we are going to have a few people round and watch both of Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks’ films. Should be a good evening 🙂

And… that’s pretty much it for now.


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  1. […] reading this post by Phill, last night I started reading my way (in reverse order) through the comic strips on XKCD.  […]

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