The Weekend, and Facebook

Ok, firstly, a quick update on what happened over the weekend! On Friday evening, Phil’s sister Roz came up to stay with us. We didn’t do much on Friday as Phil was at a church music practice, we just watched a couple of episodes of “Spaced” and … well, that’s about it really.

On Saturday, we went to Colchester Zoo. We really enjoyed it as well – none of us have been to Colchester Zoo before, and I hadn’t been to the zoo in ages, so it was great fun and reminded me a bit of when I was younger! Phil and Roz fed an elephant and a giraffe (I have photographic evidence), and we saw lots of animals of all different shapes and sizes (and colours!). One of my favourites was the white tiger, she was beautiful! We took some photos, which will be uploaded soon – more on that in a minute.

By about 3:30 were quite tired (we’d been at the zoo since 9:30 that morning), and as we’d seen most of the animals by that point we decided to head back home. We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing in Castle Park reading, before going back to ours for dinner and then watching Doctor Who and Any Dream Will Do. Roz stayed to watch ‘Any Dream…’, and then went home.

Speaking of Doctor Who, by the way – how good were the past couple of episodes? Easily the best of this series, possibly the best of all three new series. It wasn’t ‘scary’, but it was thought-provoking, emotional, and very well acted. Jessiica Hyne (nee Stevenson, of ‘Spaced’ fame…) was superb.

On Sunday, we went to Fordham in the morning, and in the afternoon did a bit of driving practice: Phil has a driving license, but she hasn’t driven our car before – I took her out to a quiet area for her to practice! I think she’s getting the hang of it… it is a bit scary driving a bigger car when you’ve only really been used to a Metro, but it’s fine when you get used to it. In the evening we went round to Alex’s, and went to the pub for a couple of drinks before watching “Lord of the Beans”, the Veggie Tales version of ‘Lord of the Rings’ (it was very good).

Right. I think the only thing left to say is, recently I mentioned developing an application which allowed you to upload photos to Facebook. Well, I’ve now completed the first beta… I’m going to trial it tonight (uploading the photos we took of the zoo, there are just too many to upload the simple way). I know it will never be popular (because most people will use the Facebook-provided version, which incidentally is much superior), but it will at least mean that I don’t need to use their simple photo upload tool any more!

Right, all for now…


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  1. I know, wasn’t the latest Doctor Who brilliant, as you say it wasn’t scary but wasn’t the aliens creepy. Not the scare crows but the family of aliens, they were really creepy, very well acted.


  2. opps I somehow clicked Submit before I was finished and that’s annoying because all I was going to say was:


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