Bizarre search terms people find your website from1 min read

On my web hosting package, I’ve got a stats program which lets me know what search terms people are using to find this website.

Some of them are fairly understandable. Some of them are just bizarre!

Here’s a selection:

  • facebook uploader
  • torchwood scripts (remember, I have no torchwood scripts…)
  • extreme canoeing
  • christian song lyrics
  • changing a battery in a smoke detector open cover
  • how are tv viewing figures calculated
  • mains powered smoke alarm making beeping sound
  • penicillin (what??? – as far as I know, I’ve never even mentioned penicillin!)
  • first rule of robot club (I hope this was another fan of Spaced)
  • obsessed with badgers (WHY would anyone be searching for this??? – worrying!)
  • the worst things you can do in christianity? (I’m so glad that someone searching for that came to my website?! – not as an example, I hope!)
  • i need a free will (nah, sorry, we don’t have free will mate…)

Some of those are just bizarre. Ah well, I’m glad the internet is its usual, random self…

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