Locked locks

Yesterday evening was a little strange. I got back home to find Philippa standing outside the house saying “I can’t get in – the door won’t open!” Apparently she couldn’t open the door using her key. I tried with mine, and couldn’t open it either! We tried for about five minutes to get in, but we just couldn’t open the door! The key would not turn all the way in the lock.

Unfortunately neither of us had a back door key – because they look identical, I thought it was probably best to

We called round to our next door neighbours, who let us use their yellow pages and phone, and we called a locksmith. They managed to send one out in 45 minutes (I think they specialise in doing emergencies). Anyway, it took the guy about 30 seconds with a G-clamp style implement to open the door… he managed to push the handle down from the inside, which opened the door.

He then looked at the lock, and told us there was nothing wrong with it… and charged us £80 for the privilege! I guess it was worth it because if not we would still be locked out now, but it still seems a lot of money.

Needless to say, I’ve now got a back door key on my key ring, so at least if it happens again there’s a good chance we’ll be able to get in…


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  1. How bizarre. Did the locksmith not even say what might have caused it to get stuck? Very odd. Well, if it ever happens again and you don’t have a back door key, feel free to pop round here for a cup of tea!

  2. No, he said that he didn’t really know, and that it might just have been “one of those things”!

    Thanks for the offer, Matthew! – I will bear that in mind next time we are locked out, although hopefully we won’t have to take you up on it…

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