Speaking of Jeremy Clarkson…


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  1. Yeah I know, I found it really funny as well.

    Well at least the hacker was a charity hackers, didn’t know charity hackers even existed

  2. From that BBC article:

    Police were called in to search for the two discs, which contained the entire database of child benefit claimants and apparently got lost in the post in October 2007.

    To me that just sounds so much like the Police got lost in the post! lol

  3. Hehe, I didn’t notice that when I first read the article but I can see what you mean!

    @Andy – I’m glad that they did at least donate the money to a good cause.

    I was thinking of setting up a group on Facebook called “Let’s Bankrupt Jeremy Clarkson”, but he will probably have changed his bank details by now 🙁

  4. I saw the original article – that was actually pretty funny though this is better – nice to see Jeremy taken down a peg or 2 (just a shame Top Gear has finished its current series – they would’ve ripped into him!) 😉

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