The Google Bombers strike again!

Excellent. Search for ‘Dangerous Cult’ on Google. Heck, I’ll even provide a link for you.

Done that? Good. In case it’s no longer working, the first result as of the time of writing was the Church of Scientology’s official website.

I don’t know whether this is part of the whole ‘war on scientology’ thing going on at the moment. Although I’m absolutely against scientology (it seems to have turned Tom Cruise into a babbling nutcase, although perhaps he was a babbling nutcase before getting into scientology), I don’t necessarily think this ‘war’ will help matters much. Some of the phrases uttered by people in the ‘Anonymous’ group look almost as insane as those made by Tom Cruise – saying things like “We are Legion” sounds to me like a slightly unhinged mind!

Ah well, I guess if a few scientologists realise the fact that they are in a dangerous cult, it won’t be a bad thing… speaking of cults, we had a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses come round the other week. They should be coming back this Saturday, so I’ve been looking at various websites to see what the best way of speaking to them is. The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry seems quite good.

I will report back after the weekend!


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