Guitar Hero

A couple of posts ago I mentioned my new guitar. Well, I’ve been practising since then, and it’s starting to get to the stage where I can actually play songs! On the recommendation of Anne-Marie I started out with ‘Great is the Darkness’ (that only has three chords in it! – C, D and G).

Last night I decided to go through a few of my old Christian songs and see if I could play any of them. To my surprise, I could! A lot of Christian songs are written in similar keys and so use the same kind of chords. I also managed to play a few songs from my ‘Easy Guitar Songs’ book, which Phil also bought me for Christmas: ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles, ‘Twist and Shout’, also by the Beatles, and ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. Admittedly I can’t play any of them very well as yet, but it’s still early days as yet!

This is why I like learning the guitar: the payoff you get after a short time is much bigger than with the piano. When I started out learning piano, it took me ages before I could actually play anything ‘proper’ like that. Of course, I think once you’ve got past the ‘newbie’ phase, progressing on the guitar gets much harder – but at least early on you get to see results, which is a big plus in my book 🙂

Aaaanyway. Enough about the guitar, more about the weekend – which was fairly quiet! On Saturday we didn’t really do all that much. Went into town for a bit, bought a guitar strap… in the evening we watched some TV. The new show by Paul Merton on ITV (“Thank God You’re Here”) is fantastic — it’s a brilliant idea, and very very funny!

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and afterwards we went round to Roy and Janette’s for lunch (we are members of the same home group). We had a lovely time there, and finally came back at around 5:00. In the evening we watched ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’.

And I think that’s just about everything!


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  1. Joe Byrne avatar

    Hey Phill,

    Good to hear you’re keeping going with the guitar (the fingers toughen up after a while and you hardly notice!) The number of times I thought about giving up and am now so glad I didn’t … All those mornings sat playing Oasis in my form room at school and stopping so I could turn over the page in the music book …
    now so worth it 🙂

    Guitar and piano are such good and versatile instruments to be able to play – plus guitar is very portable and you find pianos in all kinds of places!

    It’s always nice to hear of someone take up one of the greatest ever musical instruments!!!

    Look forward to hearing about your progress …


  2. Hi Joe,

    Yeah, my poor old fingers are still a little bit sore – but it’s getting much better, hopefully it won’t be too long before I don’t really notice!

    Ah, Oasis… I was playing ‘Wonderwall’ from my Easy Guitar book last night. Made me feel all nostalgic!

    All together now – “And after aaaaaaaaaallllllll, you’re my wonderwaaaaaaaaaalllllllll”….

    *ahem* But yes, I will update here with progress 🙂


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