Torchwood’s Back

As some of you may know, I have a little bit of a history with Torchwood… suffice it to say, I thought the last series was a bit rubbish. If I was grading it as a school piece, I would probably put: “Could try harder” (Of course, that’s not really a grade, but still…) — it showed promise, but never realised its potential.

Yesterday’s episode, I think, showed a little more of that potential. The main thing that I had a problem with last year was the series took itself way too seriously. I can forgive a lot of things if it’s done slightly tongue-in-cheek, i.e. “we know there are plotholes and inconsistencies – but it’s just a bit of a laugh, isn’t it?” Torchwood last year was just depressing. Yesterday’s episode showed a good deal more of a sense of humour, and I actually felt like I cared about the characters (but just a bit).

OK, there were a few plotholes, and not everything made sense (it was a Chris Chibnall episode, after all). And yes, some of the dialogue was a little wooden and contrived (it was a Chris Chibnall episode, after all). And the whole gay theme just seems to me like they’re actually trying to be an ‘adult’ show by shoe-horning in a few ‘adult’ themes rather than because there’s a particular point to make there, or what have you (it was a Chris Chibn… actually, to be honest I can’t really blame that one on him).

But I could forgive all that because, for those 50 minutes, I did actually quite enjoy it. But ssssh — don’t tell anybody!


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  1. Does this mean we’re not going to be getting your weekly rants?

    Personally I felt James Marsters was slightly underused (he basically played the same character he plays in Buffy) but it was a pretty good episode (for Chris Chibnall!!!) Am hoping I’m right in thinking I saw James Marsters returning in the trailer after the ep but am not sure. Would also be interesting to see if the fan boys come to the same conclusion I did last night – that Jack is the baby hand being released not the other way around (I think this is supposed to be a big twist later in the season…)

    Anyhoo. Will shut up now.

    PS – they really need to sort out Ianto for the first few episodes he was great. Now he’s just a pussy….

  2. Yeah, I think James Marsters will be back. I don’t know what you mean about “Jack is the baby hand being released”?

    And I agree about Ianto, he was really quite sinister in the first few episodes!

  3. When you get the very ambiguous comment from John about finding Grey theres a brief shot of two hands being parted (it doesn’t look like they want to let each other go). Then in the coming theres scenes designed to look like the owner of the younger hand appears and isn’t happy with Jack, however I disagree with this and think it’s Jack whose the young one.

    Discuss. 😉

    Ianto was great up until ep 4. Then they seemed to try and give him a personality. Normally this would be a good thing – however in this case…

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