Quiet couple of days

This weekend was pretty quiet. Phil wasn’t feeling well last week, and she still wasn’t 100%, so she didn’t feel like doing too much. She is feeling much better now though, so I guess taking it easy must have had a positive effect!

(On a slightly related note, one other bit of good news is that the car is fine – it was just damp! Because I haven’t been using it too much, it got damp, meaning that it was over-fueling when I tried to start it. I didn’t figure all this out by myself!)

On Saturday we went into town and did a bit of shopping for random bits and pieces. I think I mentioned before that Phil bought me a guitar for Christmas… unfortunately it was only a nylon stringed one, and I wanted to have a steel stringed one. So I went back to the shop and exchanged it for another guitar, which I spent a while trying to play afterwards… at the moment, my level of expertise with the instrument could be called: “I don’t know how on earth anyone manages to play this without using a thimble!” The fingertips on my left hand are red, I didn’t realise just how much pressure you have to apply to the strings in order to push them down. Hopefully I’ll get some tougher skin on my fingertips soon…

On Saturday evening we watched Shrek 3, which was a good film although I agree with a few of my friends – it was lacking something which Shrek and Shrek 2 had. It was also quite short – only about 1h20, although I can’t remember how long the previous films were so maybe it’s similar.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then didn’t do much for the rest of the day! So that was our weekend 🙂

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