There’s been a bit of a debate recently about the blasphemy laws in this country. Various people have weighed in on both sides, with MPs wanting the law abolished but certain members of the Christian community wanting the ban to remain.

My opinion is that the law should be repealed. I think it’s pointless: who is it protecting? People who are not Christians have absolutely no obligation to abide by Christian rules. Of course, I believe that in a perfect world everybody would be Christian, but we’re not living in a perfect world and forcing people to not ‘blaspheme’ would do very little to help the reputation Christians already have!

The law these days seems to accomplish nothing except curtailing freedom of speech and should be abolished. If Christianity is so weak that we feel we need to defend it in the courts of this country, we have already lost. What we Christians need to be doing is showing people the grace and love of God, not hounding the BBC for showing the Jerry Springer opera!


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