I think it’s probably safe for me to mention now — I have a new job! It’s a software development role with a company based in Chelmsford. I’m starting there on 3rd March, my last day with my current company will be 29th Feb (although I’ve got the last week off on holiday, so I’ll have a week off before starting there 🙂

Aaaanyway. As for the weekend – on Friday evening we went out for dinner at Prezzo. The meal was delicious! – I can highly recommend the honeycomb cheesecake!

Afterwards we went back home and watched Spider-Man 3. It was a very interesting film actually, dealing with some quite ‘Christian’ themes — mainly revenge and forgiveness. It’s a shame that they didn’t do more with it though, it was all set within a very secular humanist “you can choose to be better if you want to be” kind of framework. Still had some good moments in it though. And I think it was probably the funniest out of the three Spider-Man movies so far — when Peter Parker turns to the ‘dark side’, he becomes absolutely hilarious.

On Saturday, we did a bit of shopping in the morning, and then in the afternoon met up with Alex and Elisa at the Playhouse for lunch. Then in the evening we went to a concert at Ipswich Corn Exchange with Matthew and Ellie. Matthew has already written a review of the evening, so I will just add that we had a great time and I’d definitely love to hear the Rachmaninov again!

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and in the afternoon we had our next-door-neighbour round for tea. Afterwards, I went to a Lenten course at St Albright’s Church in Stanway. It was the first part of a lenten series on the “I Am”s of Jesus – this one was about “I Am the Bread of Life” from John 6. Andy Saville from Fordham was supposed to be preaching, but unfortunately he wasn’t well enough, so the rector at St Albright’s had to step into the breach – but he did very well given the circumstances! I’m quite looking forward to the rest of this series – Phil and I have decided that although we’re not going to give anything up for lent, we will go to these services and prepare for Easter that way.

Well, I think that pretty much sums up our weekend, all for now!


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