Last day at work, and the weekend

It was my last day at work on Friday! Although I’m technically still working there until the end of this week, I had five days holiday left so I’ve got a few days off before starting my new job (next Monday). It was quite a good day – a few people came down to the pub at lunchtime, and then after work a few of my old colleagues came down to the pub – including a couple of people who I hadn’t seen in nearly a year! So that was good.

Anyway. On Saturday, my sister Julie and brother-in-law came round with their children and my parents for lunch. We had a really good time – we don’t see Julie and family very often especially up here (it was the first time they’d seen our house) so I think everyone enjoyed it.

Afterwards we met Alex, Elisa and Esther for a milkshake at “Shakey Jakeys” in town, before going into Wivenhoe for PhilB’s birthday party. It should be mentioned that PhilB’s birthday was ages ago. Don’t ask. Anyway, that was another good evening, with a few people being there who I haven’t seen in a while – including Foz, and Chris and Louise.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then in the afternoon Anne-Marie came round with her bass guitar: she’s been learning to play it over the past few weeks during the lent period, and as I’ve just started to learn the guitar it seemed like a good opportunity to have a bit of a jamming session and see where we got! Phil got her clarinet out as well so there were three of us playing in some of the songs. Although I say it myself, we were sounding pretty good – although unfortunately we only had two books between us (and quite a few songs were only in one or the other) so it was a little difficult at times to see the music.

In the evening we gave Anne-Marie a lift back down to Wivenhoe, before coming heading out to the third part of the lent series at St Albright’s. This week’s talk was on “I Am the Good Shepherd”. I found it quite helpful — I think a lot of times people read the “I Am”s superficially, without really going into any depth.

Afterwards we came back home and watched ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ which was very good once again.

Think that’s enough to bore you with for the time being…


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