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I’ve been looking round for a new Linux MP3 player for a while now. My previous MP3 player of choice was XMMS, but that’s getting old now and I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to be around (and supported) for. The interface itself, despite using Winamp skins, is pretty old and horrible – the menu system look terrible on my computer.

So I decided that I should get a new MP3 player. The problem is, I didn’t want one of those ‘full featured’ MP3 players which can do everything including make you a cup of tea and teach your child Hungarian. I just want something basic – I give it a playlist of tracks, it plays them in a random order. I’d also – if possible – like the capability to stream audio, i.e. listen to internet radio.

I really like Classic Winamp, but aside from XMMS I didn’t know of any similar Linux MP3 players. Until today. Audacious seems to fit the bill pretty nicely. It looks pretty, does everything I want it to, and looks like it will be supported for the time being!

So, I can recommend it 🙂


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  1. […] mentioned over a year ago that I had started using Audacious as my media player. It was based on classic Winamp, wasn’t too bloated and generally did […]

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