The new Bond theme

I was listening to Virgin Radio last night, and Ben Jones interviewed Matt Bellamy of Muse. What interested me was Matt’s response to the possibility of doing the new Bond theme.

Virgin Radio have been saying that Muse should do the new Bond theme for a while, and a lot of people agree (see the number of people who’ve joined the Facebook Group). Anyway, Matt said that he’d quite like to write it, although felt that they needed someone else to perform it (i.e. you really need a diva in the style of Shirley Bassey to sing it).

I for one would love to hear a Bond theme written by Muse, even if they didn’t perform it. If you agree, join the Facebook group, let’s see if we can make a difference… the last couple of Bond themes haven’t been all that Bond-theme-esque, IMHO.

Muse have got that dramatic edge to them, I think they’d be fantastic.

Who would sing it though? Apparently the name Amy Winehouse was mentioned… I don’t know… maybe someone like Amy Lee from Evanescence?


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