Weekend Frolics

This weekend was good fun. On Saturday, Phil’s parents came up to help us with the garden. We planted a few new shrubs and things, including some Seedums (if that’s how you spell it) and a Cotinus (again, not sure about spelling). We also planted a couple of little trees which I’m not even going to attempt to spell, but they’re basically miniature fruit trees! We have one apple tree and one plum tree. I’ve got some photos of all of them on my PC which I shall upload to Flickr later.

In the evening we relaxed a bit, and watched “Thank God You’re Here” (which I’ve mentioned here before…)

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then came back home for lunch. In the afternoon we went for a rather nice walk around Bourne Mill, but this time I brought the camera! There will be some photos of that on Flickr later on as well.

In the evening we went to the lent service at St Albright’s. It was the second in a seven-part series, led by Andy Saville, on the “I Am”s of Jesus – this one was on “I Am the Light of the World”. It was very good!

Afterwards we came back home to have dinner and we watched ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ followed by ‘Run, Fatboy, Run’ (which I’ve just bought on DVD). Run, Fatboy, Run is a really good film, it was definitely worth buying!

And, that’s just about everything for this weekend. All for now…


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