Torchwood, past couple of episodes

I haven’t mentioned much about Torchwood recently – I just wanted to catch up on the past couple of episodes! I thought last week’s episode (“To the Last Man”) was really good. It was what Torchwood does best: looks at characters and how the rift actually affects people, rather than some gung-ho all-guns-blazing kind of thing.

This week’s episode “Meat” was pretty good as well, although wasn’t quite up to last week’s standard. About half-way through I felt like they were trying so hard to create drama, but I just couldn’t quite feel it! Nevertheless, I did quite enjoy it – I think I’m beginning to sympathise with the characters a bit more, which means I don’t worry about the plot holes so much. Although I’m still not sure about them all being randy 100% of the time – the show would be a lot better still without all the sexual tension! Relationships yes, sex no. Or at least, not the way they’ve been portraying it in Torchwood, no.

Ah well, let’s just hope that Torchwood keeps getting better and better, if current trends continue the rest of the series is set to be pretty good!


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