Wrong Numbers

I don’t know why, but the past couple of days we’ve had a couple of people leave messages on the phone for people we’ve never heard of. I don’t know whether our number is similar to another one, or whether it’s just a coincidence. We don’t get many of them.

I’m never quite sure whether to call back and say “You got the wrong number!” or just to let them find out themselves. Sometimes I feel like ringing back and asking for Roger McAlistair-Smythe, but that’s just me.

I was also wondering whether it was like the Doctor Who “Big Finish” radio episode where there was a virus going round that caused people to dial the wrong numbers, but I somehow doubt that! … However, if we disappear for a while, contact Torchwood (Torchwood can be contacted in Cardiff. Just dress up as a blowfish and nick some old lady’s purse, I’m sure they’ll turn up in their overblown, ridiculous SUV in no time).

In other news, I’ve just found an incredibly random (and rather disturbing) website: Adult MooseFinder. I don’t think the Moose of Ming would advertise on such a site…


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