Busy Miss Lizzy

It’s been a fairly busy week! I’ll try and remember what we’ve been up to… on Friday night we helped out at ’21’. That was the penultimate study for this term – the last one will be on Friday, which we are leading (scary!).

On Saturday evening we went round to Anne-Marie’s to watch the final part of this year’s Doctor Who – “Journey’s End”. I really enjoyed it – they haven’t been particularly kind on the Behind the Sofa blog, but I really enjoyed watching. (Note: if you haven’t seen it, this may contain a few spoilers…) Donna has definitely been my favourite of the new companions, and her story at the end was just heartbreaking. Catherine Tate really silenced all her critics, she was absolutely “fantastic”! Bernard Cribbins has been a real asset throughout the series as well – I never realised before how good an actor he was! He really nailed the scenes, particularly memorable to me are in the first episode, the scene with him and Donna; in ‘Turn Left’ with “That’s what they called them before”; and in the final episode on the doorstep. Oh, and Julian Bleach was fantastic as Davros.

Right, that’s enough Doctor Who for now, roll on the Christmas Special!

Aaaaanyway. After Doctor Who we went to Zizzi’s in town for a meal with Alex, Elisa, Dan, Alison and Tom. It was sort of a celebratory meal because Alex has got a promotion at work (well done, Alex!), and sort of a “catch up as we haven’t seen each other in ages” kind of meal. It was a good time anyway, and the food was delicious!

On Sunday we went to Fordham in the morning, and came back home to watch the Wimbledon men’s tennis final in the afternoon. Unfortunately we missed the third and fourth sets because we were out at a youth service (again at Fordham), but — what a match! I’m so glad that Nadal won, he had worked so hard and really deserved it. Federer, too, played an excellent match – I hope we see more of them both in the future!


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