Contract Killing for fun and profit

You get some really bizarre things in the news. Such as this, for example. Apparently people have been using the internet to hire contract killers… one woman even put up an ad on Craigslist. How stupid can they be?

Anyway, if you fancy earning a bit of cash on the side at weekends, why not try being a hitman (or hitwoman, if you’re going to be like that)?

By the way, there’s something else I wanted to mention – Flight of the Conchords. If you haven’t seen any of their stuff, you really must. They are a a folk comedy duo from New Zealand, and are absolutely hilarious. We were introduced to them by Alex with the song The Humans are Dead. It’s utterly briilliant. However, you may also want to have a listen to “Jenny”, “Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros”, “Issues”, and various others you might find on Youtube.

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