Joe and Gail’s Wedding

This weekend was mainly spent travelling to and from Manchester! On Friday night we did ’21’ at Fordham. As the youth leader was away we had to prepare and lead the study ourselves. It seemed to go pretty well anyway, I think most of the kids enjoyed it.

On Saturday morning we drove round to pick up Phil and Jenny before heading off to Manchester for Joe and Gail’s wedding. Despite the best efforts of traffic, roadworks, and red lights we managed to get there in time for the service (although, this was mainly because they were a bit late in starting). The service itself was really good, as was the reception afterwards. Quite a lot of Essex Uni folk had made it up to the wedding, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, so we managed to have a good catch-up.

Anyway, we stayed over at a Travelodge on Saturday night which didn’t go brilliantly due to some rather noisy people banging around and shouting in the small hours. Still. The journey back to Colchester was fairly uneventful, and we all managed to get back safely.

I think that’s just about it really for this weekend, other than to say: congrats to Joe and Gail on getting married, thanks for a very enjoyable wedding, and God bless for the future 🙂

3 thoughts on “Joe and Gail’s Wedding

  1. Wow! If only we’d know me and E were in Manchester this weekend too – we could’ve had a meet-up 😉

  2. Hiding from you… 😉

    We went up Saturday for my Brothers graduation on Monday but killed time in other ways such as seeing the Halle Orchestra play too. Was a busy weekend 😉

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