Worship at a Bus Stop

I happened to be searching Google Maps for churches near Colchester today (I’m not looking for a new church, just wanted to check how the Fordham site was doing 🙂 and came across something rather bizarre.

Google Map search for Churches near Colchester
Google Map search for Churches near Colchester

As you can see, Google seems to think “Places of Worship” fall under the same category as… “Bus Station”. So, next time you’re at a Bus Station, just remember that you should be reverent, for you are walking on holy ground. Or something.

The other thing I should mention is Simon’s blog feed. Now, for a long time now Simon has had his blog behind a password protected area – including the RSS feed. Unfortunately, Google Reader does not like feeds which use authentication, so it just bails. I got around this by setting up a little PHP script which did the work for me. Unfortunately this means I have to host the PHP file on this server, not a massiv problem but I’d rather not have to do it.

Anyway, I’ve found a way you can subscribe to authenticated feeds in Google Reader without creating any scripts to do it for you: simply use FreeMyFeed. It very cunningly stores the username and password (encrypted) in the feed URL so that no authentication data is actually stored on FreeMyFeed.com. Pretty clever, huh?

The upshot of this is that I will be removing Simon’s blog feed from this site. From now on, please use FreeMyFeed.


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