Seven down, one go to!

I’m talking about weddings, of course!

Last Saturday was Andy B and Helen’s wedding, which was held at St Osyth Parish Church. We managed to get there in good time (it doesn’t take very long from Colchester). It was a beautiful day, Andy and Helen were really lucky! Anyway, the service itself was lovely – although I don’t think the organist was very used to playing new songs. Not that it spoiled the service, of course, but it was quite amusing nonetheless!

Afterwards we headed back home for a while (the joys of going to a wedding near to home), and then went back for the evening do. It was a really good evening as well – we were able to catch up with a couple of people (Naomi, Ran and Katie) who we hadn’t seen in over a year, as well as see Sarah and Jon (and a friend of theirs, Rachel, who we’d met once before). We had a good old dance to some of the old cheesy tunes – unfortunately the DJ seemed to have a real fondness for “Megamixes” – he played four or five that I counted! I did dance to the 60s one, but in general I’m really not a fan of them. The Beatles megamix, for example, basically took a load of choruses from the Beatles’ songs and arranged them into a rather soulless track which is rather less than the sum of its parts! Still, it was all good fun, and everyone had a good time! Many congrats to Andy & Helen as well 🙂

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then went straight to my parents’ for lunch. We had a nice afternoon there, and I managed to pick up all my old CDs. It was a real trip down memory lane, reliving my mis-spent youth (well, not really).

In the evening we went to the all-age service at Nansen Road, where I played guitar for some of the songs. The service went well, despite me managing to forget my capo (and therefore not being able to play some of the songs!). Afterwards we headed for home, and watched “Stephen Fry’s America”.


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