Andy C and Rica’s Wedding

This weekend was Andy C and Rica’s wedding in Trier, Germany. On Friday night, we came back pretty soon after helping out at 21 so that we could get to bed – we had a 3AM start on Saturday! We got the bus to Stansted, and then flew out to Frankfurt Hahn airport. From there we could get the bus to Trier.

We stayed at the NH Hotel. The room they gave us was huge! We arrived a bit early but fortunately they let us check-in anyway. Shortly afterwards, Ian arrived and we spent an hour wandering around Trier with him. It was good to see him again, I think quite possibly the first time we’d seen him since the wedding last year!

Anyway. The wedding itself was held at the Evangelische Kirche in Saarburg, about 40 minutes’ drive away from Trier. It was a really nice service – it was led by the minister of Andy C and Rica’s church in Luxembourg. Although it had to be done in English and German (someone was translating for most of the day!), it still worked and I think everyone really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we headed to the Robert-Schuman-Haus in Trier for the reception. It was the first time we’d been to a German wedding reception, so it was a new experience for both of us! It stretched out over most of the evening and into the following morning. Unfortunately, Phil and I had been up for about 23 straight hours by 1AM and so had to head off! But it was a really lovely evening and we had a great time.

Aaaanyway, speaking of being tired – I’m off to bed. Night!

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