Poor old Opera

I was checking the Google Analytics account for the Fordham Church website earlier today, and I found this:

Percentage of people using various browsers for the Fordham Church website
Percentage of people using various browsers for Fordham Church

As you can see, about 75% of people use Internet Explorer, 20% use Firefox, 6% use Safari… and poor old Opera is right at the bottom – below Google Chrome! Yes, that’s right, more people use Google Chrome to access the Fordham website than use Opera. Given that Google Chrome is still in beta and hasn’t even really established itself just yet, I find that quite funny.

I do like Opera as a browser, but with those kind of statistics they’ve got a long, loooooong way to go!


2 responses to “Poor old Opera”

  1. I can back up your stats with some of my own – matthewdawkins.co.uk. 165 visitors on IE (45%), 160 on Firefox (44%), 25 on Safari (7%), 10 on Chrome (3%), and only 1 visit on Opera (0.27%). That’s pretty shocking, on all accounts. Especially since Opera is a pretty fine browser. It just hasn’t had the press coverage of the other browsers. In fact, I think the Opera group is pushing its mobile browser more than its desktop one.

  2. This is true – Opera does seem to be taking off on the mobile platform. Like you say, it’s a good browser – but for people to start using it, it would take a seismic change in the market!

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