Colchester Winter Ale Festival

This weekend was the good kind of busy. On Friday night we went to 21 and I did a talk on Judges 6 (Gideon and the Midianites who say “Ni”). It seemed to go pretty well, despite me inadvertantly calling bits of the Bible boring! I don’t envy whoever has to do the talk on Judges 7 and 8 though – particularly Judges 8, where Gideon seems to drift into apostasy.

Still. On Saturday we went to Colchester Winter Ale Festival, which was put on by Colchester CAMRA. We met up with a few other people including Tom, Dan, Alison, Alex, Elisa, and a couple of people from the uni who I hadn’t met before. It was a great afternoon – we had some good conversations, and it was a really relaxed atmosphere. Phil isn’t really a fan of ale so she tried a few of the ciders (which were very nice), and I had some ales, as well as a cider and a Belgian beer. (Must try and find out where I can buy some Belgian beer locally, by the way – I had a top cherry beer which I can’t quite remember the name of).

Afterwards, we went to the Ashiana curry house. I had a chicken jalfrezi, which was delicious but very hot! And then after that we headed round to Tom’s flat and watched QI followed by Shaun of the Dead. So all in all it was a pretty successful day, must have more like it!

And I’d definitely recommend anyone to try going to an ale festival, it was a really nice atmosphere in there and there were lots of nice beers / ciders / wines to try.

Sunday – I’ve gone on long enough so I’ll just say we went to church in the morning, had our next door neighbour round for tea in the afternoon, and then watched Lark Rise in the evening.

Oh, and this morning it took nearly two hours to get into work. TWO HOURS! For a 45 minute journey. I wish people would drive more carefully on the A12, we’ve had loads of delays due to accidents recently. Still, I’d rather it happened in the morning than in the evening!

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  1. There’s a good little beer shop at the top of the High street near the cinema which has a some good ales (and Belgian beers) otherwise Tesco tends to have a good continental selection including some cherry beers 😉 Hope you enjoy


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