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I’ve just found the IT4Communities website. I think it’s an absolutely fantastic idea: charities can visit the site and submit IT jobs that they need doing. Volunteers who are skilled in IT can browse the site and can, if they feel they can help out with a project, get in touch with the charity.

I would love to sign up for this, if only I had a bit more time! Maybe over the summer I will be able to find some appropriate projects.

Either way, if you are skilled in IT and in the UK (and have enough time), take a look and see if you can help make the world a better place 😉


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  1. Hi Phil
    Thanks for blogging about us – we think it’s fantastic idea too and we get to see all the projects that happen and all the happy charities who get IT projects done by a volunteer.
    The volunteers have delivered over £3.4 million worth of support to charities since we started in 2002 and the more charities and volunteers we get on board the more people we can help.
    There are plenty of case studies at and I’m working on some more this week!

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