Snow joke!

Apologies for the rather poor (and ancient) pun. We are currently in the middle of a snow shower, and it’s made things very difficult for travel. I managed to get into work this morning OK, but I think I’m going to have difficulty on the way back out. The car park is the worst part – the snow has compacted down and is really quite slippery, if I get out without hitting anything it will be a miracle.

Aaaaanyway. The weekend, and what happened in it. Well, on Friday evening we watched “The Darjeeling Limited”. It was a pretty good film, similar in style to Wes Anderson’s other films. It was a pleasant evening’s entertainment, although I’m quite glad that we got it on our lovefilm subscription and didn’t actually buy it.

On Saturday we did some shopping in the morning, and then headed over to Chelmsford in the afternoon. We had dinner at Strada, and then went to hear the University of Essex Choir performing Monteverdi’s Vespers at Chelmsford Cathedral. It was really beautiful – we both loved it! I didn’t realise until the day that Monteverdi was such an early composer, and it comes across – he experiments with a lot of styles his contemporaries were working with at the time.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning (both services!) and then went to the Yew Tree in Great Horkesley where we met with Phil’s parents for lunch. The lunch was excellent, as it usually is there! I was incredibly full by the end of it though – perhaps having a dessert as well wasn’t a good idea…

In the evening I had a music practice at Fordham for the youth service next week. After that I came back home and watched Lark Rise to Candleford. And that is pretty much everything! I just hope I can get back home safely this afternoon – I’d settle for not hitting anything! (On the way back home last night I was only doing about 20mph and managed to skid gently across the road and bump off the curb, about 100yds away from home. But that doesn’t count.)


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