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The random title is an oblique reference to what we were doing yesterday: priming the bathroom! When we had the bathroom knocked through we also had it re-plastered (the paintwork was cracking and coming off in places so it was worth doing). Up until yesterday, the bathroom looked very brown. Now it looks nice and white 🙂 Phil’s parents came up and helped us (well, to tell the truth, Phil’s Dad did most of the priming).

We also did some work in the garden, i.e. put in a split log border along one of our flower beds. The back garden is looking pretty good now – although I don’t think one can ever call a garden “finished” it’s definitely much better than it was when we moved in. And I can’t wait to see it all in full bloom!

Anyway. Phil’s parents stayed for dinner, and then afterwards they went home and we watched “Firewall” which was on TV last night. It was a decent enough film but I couldn’t help watching it with a sense of Deja-Vu: an evil dude wants to rob a bank, so kidnaps a man’s wife and two children and basically holds him to ransom until he obliges (the man in question happens to be the VP of Security for a major bank).

I mean, the film itself was OK… Harrison Ford played the lead role and, despite being a little wooden at times, pulled in a good performance. Paul Bettany, the villain of the piece, was good despite me being a bit confused by his having an American accent to start with. Robert Forster (Arthur Petrelli from “Heroes”) was good but underused.

There were some plot holes, but nothing I cared too much about (it was just an entertaining film, not meant to be the best film ever!)

One thing me and Phil quite liked was the portrayal of one of the guys in the film: he was apparently a Christian, but this wasn’t portrayed in a positive or negative light – it was just sort of a part of him. At one point we hear his ringtone as “What a friend we have in Jesus”, and then later on we see him playing guitar in a church service, where they are singing “There’s a voice that must be heard (Jesus friend of sinners)” – one of my favourite rockier Christian songs. So it was nice to see a portrayal of a Christian character in a film which was actually quite realistic and not just a stereotype.

Oh, and finally, one little nice touch: at one point in the film, the Mum and kids are watching a scene from what looked like “The Empire Strikes Back”. If I’m right, nice little reference to a rather famous role of Harrison Ford’s 🙂 (EDIT: according to the IMDB it was “The Forbidden Planet”. Ah well, it was only a split second, not going to watch it again just to check!)

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