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Just a note that I have added the excellent Yet Another Related Posts Plugin to this blog.

This means that on each page, if there are any related posts you should get a nice list of links underneath. (In addition to the “On This Day” info).

If you find this really annoying, please let me know and I will turn it off. (Or I could just turn the “On This Day” plugin off, instead of having them both on). But I just thought it would be an interesting addition to the blog!


3 responses to “Related posts”

  1. I think it would look better if you used the same type of list for each plug-in.
    I’ll tell you what does irritate me about your blog: the posts don’t say the year they were written!
    What irritates me about mine is nearly everything 🙂

  2. Good catch. I’ve updated it so it also uses an unnumbered list. Unfortunately the post not saying the year is something to do with the theme, I’m not really a design guy so I don’t want to hack around with it. I’ve just grown accustomed to looking at the URL.

    Actually that reminds me of something that does annoy me – blogs that don’t have the full date somewhere in the permalink! Things like /YYYY/MM/post-slug. I don’t know why that annoys me, but it does!

  3. *checks blog post urls* *breathes sigh of relief* *beams proudly* I have …/yyyy/mm/dd/post-slug.

    I do like the fact your date looks like it’s on a calendar, and I wouldn’t like to mess with it, but knowing me, I probably would anyway…

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