21 Weekend Away

This weekend was pretty much all taken up with the 21 Weekend Away! 21 is the 11-14s youth group at Fordham. On Friday night after work we drove down to Assington Hall (Assington is about half way to Sudbury from Colchester). The evening was mainly spent with setting up camp, then dinner, and then a wide game in a nearby forest.

After that we all came back to camp and went to bed… but not to sleep. Well, not in my case at least. I’m not very used to camping, so I didn’t find it very easy to get to sleep. And then I woke up early in the morning (about 4AM) due to the cold, and couldn’t get back to sleep again. I ended up going for a shower at 5:30AM – much earlier than I’d been hoping for! But I think a lot of other people were up and about, and actually some of us went to the football field and had a game before breakfast (which has got to be some kind of record for me – football before breakfast!)

Afterwards Laura did her talk on Galatians 1, and then we went out for the second part of the wide game in another nearby forest. This involved our team carrying Laura on a stretcher to the minibus… too complicated to explain here, but we really enjoyed it! Afterwards, we came back to the camp and had lunch. Then we all had a “team challenge” set of games, which were really fun. Then, it was my turn to do a teaching session on Galatians. I think it went pretty well, all told, although everyone was pretty tired due to getting no sleep the night before!

Anyway. After that we had some free time before the evening’s entertainment – “Assington’s Got Talent”! Which was great fun, although some of the talent entries were slightly dubious…

We all slept better on Saturday night, I think. I certainly got at least twice the amount of sleep, which I really needed! After breakfast we had our third and final teaching session from AJ, and then we did some archery. I’m useless at archery, I have decided – but I enjoyed trying! Then we had lunch, cleared up and left.

I think that’s pretty much a summary of the weekend away – I’ve probably missed out a few things but they’re the main details! When we got back home we pretty much crashed out. We did go to Sunday@6, though – and afterwards we came back home and got a take-away curry!

Oh, and Top Gear is back for another series. I can’t believe they revealed the identity of “The Stig”… although actually I don’t think he was the real stig. We’ll never know 😉


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  1. Camping is an acquired taste, and if you’ve not been brought up on it it can be quite difficult to appreciate fully. I went on loads of family camping holidays and always thoroughly enjoyed them. You learn how to deal with the cold, you learn to ignore the uneven ground you’re trying to sleep on, you learn to wake up with the sunrise and sleep with nightfall. Still, you survived, so it can’t be all bad!

    And as for Stiggy, I’m almost certain it was a publicity stunt – from the short clip I saw today of the unveiling, Stig’s body language was quite different to normal, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it all turned out to be false.

  2. I’d been camping a few times before, but it still took me by surprise the first night! The second night I slept pretty well. Poor old Phil wasn’t very used to it though… but we both enjoyed it in the end, even if camping wouldn’t have been our first choice!

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