Leaving party and Christening

On Friday night we headed round to Karen and Steve’s for their leaving party. They are leaving Colchester in a couple of weeks, sadly, so we went round there for a BBQ. It was a good evening – good company, good food, and it didn’t rain! Nice to see Foz again too, as it’s been a while.

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon taking Sarah round to various garages to try and find a car for her (she passed her test a couple of weeks ago). No luck so far – small cars are expensive because a lot of people want them! We saw quite a few big cars which were pretty cheap – including a couple of Saabs! I was quite pleased because we saw a similar one to ours which was more expensive.

Afterwards we headed down to Phil’s parents. In the evening we went round to see Julie and Dave, and then on Sunday afternoon we went to Emma’s christening! It was a really nice service, although the rector was very… quirky. But still, everyone enjoyed it. And then we had a nice reception at a nearby pub!

And we were home in time for Top Gear 😉

So that’s pretty much a quick summary of our weekend. Apologies for the briefness, but we’re watching “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”! Kevin Smith films are both disgusting and sweet in the same measure.


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