Much Quieter Weekend

Well, after the busyness of the past couple of weekends we had a quiet one this week!

On Saturday we did a bit of shopping in the morning, and … well, didn’t do much for the rest of the day! In he afernoon Jo came round with her baby (Evie) so it was nice to see them.

On Sunday we had church in the morning, and then Sunday@6 in the evening.

Oh, one thing I didn’t mention was last Wednesday – Matthew came round to stay the night, as he had a meeting in Chelmsford on the Thursday morning. So A-M and Sarah came round and we all had a BBQ together with leftovers from last weekend. It was a gorgeous day, couldn’t have asked for better, so it was a very pleasant evening!

And… that’s about all for now. Apologies for a boring post, but… well, normal service and all that 😉

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