Games Night

This weekend was quite a nice one! On Friday night we helped out at 21, and I did the talk. This week, it was on the parable of the sower. The kids all seemed knackered, but I think they took at least some of it in!

On Saturday we spent the day doing shopping and various things that needed to be done. Then, in the evening we headed round to AJ and Jen’s house for a games night. We all ate together, and then played a variety of games. It was really good – quite a few people from Fordham were there: apart from AJ and Jen and Phil and I, there was also Laura, Pete, Rachel, and James and Tash. We played “Pass the Bomb” to start with, which went down pretty well. Then we played the hat game (guessing the names of celebrities people write down and put in a hat), and then we played the Pit game. I can’t exactly remember what it was called, but it was about trading cards to get all of a particular set and score points. Fun, although I wasn’t very good (although James and I did come second, so perhaps we weren’t that bad).

Anyway, that was all good fun… hope we have another one sometime in the not too distant future! On Sunday morning we went to church as per usual. In the afternoon I spent some time looking at the Moore Course (we’re doing Ephesians this term), then went to Sunday@6. Afterwards we watched “The World is Not Enough”, which I haven’t seen in ages!

So that’s pretty much it for the weekend.


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