Mattress ups and downs1 min read

Over the past few years we’ve been using an Ikea mattress. However, the past few months it’s been getting more and more saggy. We decided to buy a new mattress, and so in September (when we were on holiday) we popped into Benson’s in Colchester.

We bought a new Relyon mattress – expensive, but hopefully will last a long time! Phil’s parents have always had Relyong mattresses and they swear by them. Also we have a Relyon bed in our spare room and it’s pretty good, so we thought we were on safe ground!

Anyway, we’ve had the mattress now for over a week. It’s a combined memory foam and sprung mattress. It has taken a fair old while to get used to! In fact, to be honest, there was one night I just couldn’t get comfortable – I had to go and sleep in the spare room!

But the past couple of nights have been much better, I think I’m getting used to it now and it’s pretty comfortable. The only thing is, memory foam does seem to retain the heat more than usual mattresses, which seems like it will be good for winter but bad for the summer! But I’ll reserve judgement on that until the summer.

Anyway, Liz said to me on Facebook that new mattresses can take up to three months to become comfortable so I’m hoping that this one will settle down and be fantastic! I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to be better than the old Ikea mattress we had.

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