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I’ve just received a new laptop. I’ve been looking longingly at new computers for a while now – ever since Phil got her new laptop. My computer is getting a bit old now and suffering a little from the problems that seem to come with age. So I decided that I needed a new computer, and I began looking at desktops to replace my current one.

However, after a while it dawned on me that buying a laptop was probably a more sensible choice. Since Phil has had her new laptop, I’ve found that I use it quite a lot. It’s actually very convenient to have something downstairs which you can use in front of the TV, or at the table, or wherever. And really, laptops these days are just as good as their desktop counterparts: you may lose out on some of the “upgradeability” (if there is such a word) – but in reality, I haven’t actually touched my desktop in the four or so years that I’ve had it. (Well, only once, to transfer the wireless card across from my old computer).

The other thing is, when I started looking for PCs I was looking for fairly high-spec ones: I’m a software developer, I do occasionally do processor-intensive activities on my machine! But then I realised, actually at home I don’t really do much programming. I just don’t have the time these days! It’s a far cry from when I was at uni and used to have to do lots of Java assignments on my machine. Plus, most computers these days are good enough for doing development work – unless you’re building a HUGE project it probably doesn’t make much difference. And, in reality, the only development work I’ll likely do on my machine is a bit of Java coding occasionally and the odd bit of PHP development. Neither of which will require a quad-core beast of a machine!

So, there you have it. I’ve ordered a new HP Pavilion laptop which looks pretty good (dual core, 4GB RAM – like Phil’s laptop but with a bigger screen. Oh, and Windows 7 – unfortunately Phil’s laptop was bought too soon to get a free 7 upgrade) and, with a bit of luck, it will do me well over the next few years.

I’ll probably donate my old computer (along with Phil’s old laptop, which we still haven’t got rid of) to ComputerAid.

If you don’t hear any more blog posts from me on this topic, assume that the laptop is working well 😉


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