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Well, the general election results are in (which you will already know about if you’re in England and haven’t had your head buried under a rock). It’s going to be a Conservative / Lib Dem coalition government (a “ConDem” government, if you will, which will make this country a ConDemNation…)

I think this is a good thing. In fact, personally speaking it’s the best possible outcome for me – of the possibilities that we had, realistically speaking. I didn’t want Labour to win, I didn’t want the Conservatives to win (although not as much as I didn’t want labour to win), and realistically speaking the Lib Dems were never going to win. A coalition government between the tories and the Lib Dems will hopefully yield something positive – their pledge looks good, so we’ll see what happens.

Either way, though, the next few years aren’t going to be easy – apparently we have the highest unemployment rate since 1994, and the economy is still spiralling out of control. The words “poisoned chalice” were used, which I think is probably accurate. Still, on the bright side, maybe good things – such as electoral reform – will come out of it.

Anyway. Totally changing the subject… I forgot to mention: we watched “Up” the other night, on Blu-Ray. It was a really nice film, I can see why everyone I know who’s seen it has had nothing but positive things to say about it. A while back we watched “Revolutionary Road”, which was a pretty depressing kind of film. Well, “Up” started out with a similar plot line to that film – except that it was far more uplifting! It was, in fact, the polar opposite. Very moving story, beautifully told, directed, and generally well worth watching.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Up – Think Pixar knock it out the park with the opening 20 minutes 😉 Not seen Revolutionary Road, but not from what I’ve heard it seems a strange comparison to make! 😉

  2. It is a strange comparison to make! [SPOILER WARNING] Basically, Revolutionary Road is a story about a couple who have dreams but those dreams aren’t fulfilled. Up starts off in that same kind of vain. Except that the couple in Up still lead a happy life and aren’t constantly whinging about how they’re life didn’t turn out the way they planned! So it’s uplifting – the exact opposite of Revolutionary Road!

    The opening 20 minutes were probably the best of the film, I had a tear in my eye, but the whole thing was brilliant.

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