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This weekend was a hot one! On Friday it got up to about 30 degrees, which for these parts is pretty hot! I don’t deal well with the heat – I’m glad that I don’t live in a country which gets much hotter temperatures! And I’m particularly thankful that they have air conditioning at work – at the first place I worked at out of uni, the office was sweltering in the summer and it was very difficult to get anything done!

Anyway. Quick update about what we’ve been up to the past few days. On Friday night we had 21 as per usual – it was the last teaching session before the summer holiday. On Saturday we headed off to Bradwell-on-Sea with Anne-Marie and Sarah. Each year there is an ecumenical pilgrimage there, to St. Peter’s Chapel. Instead of describing it here you can read all about it on its own website.

This year, Archbishop John Sentamu was there and he did a talk. It was very good – all about the good Samaritan (although I shouldn’t call him a “good” Samaritan, not because he wasn’t, but … well, I won’t go into it here). But the talk was interesting and held everybody’s attention, he is obviously a gifted speaker!

The time went pretty quickly, and by the time we needed to head off at around 3PM – despite being quite tired – it didn’t feel like we’d been there for long at all. Anyway, we did head off, and got back to Colchester without issue. In the evening we went to Colchester Baptist Church for a talent show that Anne-Marie was helping to organise. It was very good – lots of talent there, even if the odd item was a little dubious (not as dubious as the CU talent shows though). Anne-Marie’s poetry reading was very good!

So that’s pretty much our Saturday. On Sunday I went to church morning and evening, and in the afternoon we watched the Wimbledon men’s tennis final. It wasn’t an electrifying match like the Federer vs Nadal match a couple of years before. I felt like Berdych could have really threatened Nadal but he made way too many unforced errors. Still, it was his first time in a major final so it’s probably not too surprising that Nadal won.

In the evening we watched Top Gear, which was really good – again! I think they’ve toned it down a little bit from the excesses of last series, and it’s paid off: I’ve enjoyed the first couple of episodes of this series much more than I did last year. So… there you go! From the Bradwell Pilgrimage to Top Gear, on opposite ends of the spectrum I think…

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