Flower1 min read

I popped out earlier today to Castle Park to take some new photos for this photo challenge. You can see the results on my photostream, the one here is probably my favourite.

My second favourite is probably this one, not really sure why! It was a good day for photos today – the sun seemed to be at just the right kind of angle. Beautiful day, just after the rain so everything is fresh.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! I just hope I can keep this up for a year… we will see!

2 thoughts on “Flower1 min read

  1. There’s always going to be days that are harder than others – but I think if you keep your eyes open then you shouldn’t have too much a of a problem – you don’t have to try and get one or two robots into all your pictures! 😉

  2. I think the problem is just remembering to take the camera! That’s the hardest part! My phone camera is OK but the proper camera is much better.

    We will see, anyway – if nothing else it’s a good excuse to get out and about!

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