Getting a PAC Code from Orange

I mentioned yesterday that I needed to get a PAC code from Orange in order to migrate my number to Vodafone. Well I haven’t received the PAC code yet (it’s apparently in the post and should arrive tomorrow), but I had great difficulty in finding out just how to contact them in the first place: their website seems to contain a mass of contradictory information, and even when I did manage to get through it still worked!

I tried ringing up 150, which let me put in my mobile number and ID code, then cut me off. Then I tried ringing up 450 and going through to customer services – they didn’t have the necessary authority to give me a PAC code, but they gave me another 0800 number who could do it. I tried ringing the 0800 number, and it gave me the “this number does not exist” message.

So, all in all, I’ve been none too impressed with Orange’s customer service!

What you actually need to do – at least, as of yesterday – is ring up 450 and select options 2 and then 3. This took me through to someone who was able to generate a PAC code for me at least.

Quite why it was such a mission I don’t know – I know they don’t want people to leave but this is ridiculous! Not being able to get through on 150 was pretty awful – just cutting a call off without explanation is really inexcusable! Especially when it’s a number which is referred to many times on the Orange help pages.

I must admit, I’m not sad to be leaving Orange – they don’t have brilliant signal in our area, and it’s not exactly been a joy and a pleasure to deal with their customer services. I’m sure all mobile operators are just as bad though. In my time I’ve been with BT Cellnet, T-Mobile, O2 (basically BT again), T-Mobile again, Orange and now Vodafone. None of them have been particularly fantastic. I guess that’s just par for the course.

Ah well, onwards and upwards, as they say…


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  1. That’s crazy! I’ve just changed from O2 to Three. I emailed O2 and got my PAC no more than three hours later by email!

  2. Yeah, when I changed from T-Mobile I got my PAC code sent by text message the same day. I don’t know why Orange have to send a letter these days… hopefully should have it tomorrow!

  3. I agree with Simon, that’s really crazy! their customer service shouldn’t direct you to different number as they should be able to issue you a PAC code! If they take more than two working days to give you your PAC code and they have no reasons then I think that you can contact Ofcom to solve the issue! I have made a post on my blog about my experience in transferring my number from Vodafone to O2, it didn’t take more than 3 days! they have sent me my PAC code within 24 hours! anyways I hope that everything went fine 🙂

  4. Yes, I tried getting my PAC off Orange. I was transferred to a line where I had the honour of paying a ‘one off fee of 25p’ in order to be subjected to pleas to keep me with Orange. I haven’t received it after two weeks. I guess the people at ‘orange end’ are on some kind of commission (or threat!). I’m looking forward to leaving.

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