Fungal Infection1 min read

… not my own, you will be pleased to know! It’s today’s photo. Well, I assume today’s photo is of a fungal infection. To be honest I’m not completely sure. It looked kind of like one to me, but then I’m not exactly sure what they look like. Interesting colours though.

Aaaanyway. I said I’d do a quick weekend round-up today. Well, here it is: Friday – 21 in the evening. They were pretty rowdy actually that night, probably the worst I’ve seen them. (Lucky for us that the worst the 21ers get just involves lots of talking and not paying attention, but still).

Saturday we met up with Stepheny – a friend from church – for lunch. In the evening AM and Sarah came round and we watched Merlin and spent the rest of the evening watching random stuff and chatting. On Sunday we went to St Anne’s in the morning as part of my observation placement. I spent the afternoon preparing for my talk at Sunday@6 in a few weeks time, and then we went to Sunday@6. After that we watched ‘Evan Almighty’, as I’m going to do a sort of talk on it at this week’s 21.

So, that was our weekend! Not too busy – just the way I like it.

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