Fruit bowl, and Project 365 round-up1 min read

Today’s photo is, admittedly, the same damn thing I did on Friday. Still, I think it actually worked a bit better, even if the photo didn’t quite come out as well as I’d hoped.

Anyway, as I’ve now been doing this project for more than a month (33 days now), I thought I’d do a very quick round-up of some of my favourite photos from the past month or so.

The first photo I edited slightly:

The first photo where I realised the power of cropping:

I don’t know why this one works, but I really like it somehow:

And finally, I love the sky in this photo:

Aaaanyway. Hope you’ve been enjoying looking at these photos as much as I’ve been enjoying taking them. Even if it’s inconvenient sometimes, it’s actually quite fun and forces me to get out and actually use the camera! – so much so that, as you will know if you read this blog, I’m considering upgrading.

I would now post up a round-up of what we’ve been doing for the past couple of days, but I think I’ll leave you in suspense a bit longer, I haven’t done a weekend style update for a while 😉

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