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Apologies for another garden related photo! Again, we haven’t had lots of time today. I could take photos inside in the evenings but I’m trying to reserve that for the winter when there won’t be so much opportunity to take outdoor photos!

This is a photo at my parents’ house, which won’t be their house for much longer! They’re moving into a new house, which we saw today. It will be the first time they’ve lived in a house without me living there at some point, i.e. my room will no longer exist! Still, c’est la vie – to be honest, it didn’t really exist much at the last house they lived in, as they moved there shortly after I went to university (as in, about two weeks after I went to university. They didn’t hang about).

So I spent some time sorting out the old stuff of mine – most of which can be thrown away or sent to the charity shop. I now just have a whole big pile of records I need to deal with, I still haven’t decided what I want to do with them! I think I might see what I can do about eBaying them or something like that. I don’t particularly want to get rid of them, but to be honest they’re just going to be taking up space and I unfortunately don’t think I’m going to be using them much 🙁

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