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I had very little time today so this is the best I could do: a picture of a flower from our back garden!

It’s a beautiful little flower which is apparently called “London Pride”.

I know I’ve done a few of these recently, but … well, what can I say?

I’ve also been having thoughts regarding the possibility of a digital SLR. I’ve been saving up some money recently, mainly for the purpose of getting a new guitar amp so that I can use it at church. The problem is, I’m not really playing the guitar much at church these days – I’m usually playing piano. So that means it might be a bit of a waste of money at the current time. So the money might be better spent at the moment on upgrading the camera a bit… I’ve been thinking about an SLR for a while, and my thoughts were particularly put in that direction by this round up of budget SLRs on Reg Hardware.

I don’t know whether I’ll actually get one as yet, but I think it would be a good investment. Anyway, we shall see!

3 thoughts on “More Flowers1 min read

  1. I was reading that article and having the same thoughts – I like my camera but it would be nice to have something that offers a bit more functionality… 😉

  2. That’s exactly what I think 😉 Let me know if you get anything! I will do the same. I think it will be a little while before I am able to afford much though!

  3. I like the look of the cameras with built in tutorials shown in the article above – may have o have a hunt around come Christmas to see if I can find anything 😉

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