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Last week we were having our new boiler installed. I mentioned about the chaos that the house was in – carpets up, floorboards removed, bare pipes exposed… essentially it wasn’t really livable in! Well, all that work has pretty much been completed now. There are still a few things remaining which are unrelated to the boiler (we were having a couple of additional things done in the kitchen, i.e. new cupboards installed and new lights installed) but the house is now livable in. Which is good, because AJ and Jen are back from holiday (think it was last night or today they were getting back) so we wouldn’t have been able to stay there any more! Anyway we really enjoyed spending a week there, it was great to have somewhere to go which wasn’t in total chaos.

So… Friday night there was no youth club, it was quite nice to have the evening off! On Saturday, after cleaning up at AJ and Jen’s house, we headed for home and met up with Phil’s parents: they came up for the day to help us clear up in the house. We had a few workmen finishing off some plastering that day, but by the end of the day the house was pretty much all shipshape and Bristol fashion. (There’s an expression I haven’t used in a while).

In the evening we went round to Phil and George’s house to see them, Makaila and Anne-Marie. It was nice to see them, it’s been far too long (since Makaila’s christening a few months ago)!

On Sunday morning we went to two services! Then in the afternoon my parents came round, as well as my sister Julie and my niece and two nephews. It was lovely to see them, albeit briefly. Then my parents stayed on and we headed out to Sunday@6 where I was preaching. I think it went fairly well, and it was actually recorded so if you are crazy you can even listen to the sermon from here. Afterwards we came back home and watched “Pillars of the Earth”.

I think that’s pretty much everything for the time being. We’ve got the electrician coming in tomorrow to finish off, and then at some point we’re going to have the additional cupboards installed, but that’s pretty much it. So there you have it – a busy week but worth it given that the house is now warm and we have plenty of hot water!

This week is pretty busy as well what with one thing and another, still we have a few things to look forward to – but more of that some other time!

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