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Well it’s been a busy old few weeks for us! The weekend before last, as mentioned, we had the 21 weekend away. This weekend, Phil went up to Yorkshire to look at some trees, and I was preaching on the Sunday evening.

Let me just unpack that a little bit… on Friday evening we had 21 as per usual. To be honest it was another quite difficult evening – the kids were quite noisy (as seems to be the usual for them), and AJ in particular found it hard going to do his talk because of it. I feel quite bad that we’re leaving, but then it can’t be helped.

Anyway, on Saturday morning, Phil headed off to Yorkshire: for her birthday this year, her parents bought her some trees with the Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust. So she went up on a special open day to see her trees and generally have a nice 24 hours there with her parents. I spent most of the day preparing for my talk on Sunday, although I did do various chores and things.

And, excitingly, I bought a new guitar amp! It’s a Peavey Valve King 112 – I think it’s about 40 watts of sound, and it sounds lush. (Sorry about ‘lush’, was watching through Gavin & Stacey recently). Anyway, it has a great warm tone and sounds soooooo much better than my last amp (a Peavey Rage 258). I will keep my old amp as a practice amp though – I’m thinking in the future I might leave the big amp at church or something and keep the small amp at home. Anyway, I’ll get a chance to use it at Laura and Pete’s wedding this Saturday, I’m sure it will be well up to the task of projecting sound around the church 🙂

So. In the evening I just chilled out and watched “Sister Act” as it was on TV. I’d forgotten how good it was actually – haven’t watched it since I was at uni with Phil P!

On Sunday I went to the Eight Ash Green service at 11:15, and then headed straight down to Higham for the annual church family picnic. It was a beautiful sunny day, I had a good time chatting and then playing tennis with Dave, Aella and Charlie. It’s been so long since I last played tennis, and I am so unfit, it was a bit of a struggle! But I did enjoy it nonetheless.

After that I headed home for a shower, went through my sermon, and caught the end of the Wimbledon Men’s final. What a fantastic result! I think Djokovic won, deservedly, and it’s really good to see a new face apart from Federer / Nadal winning.

In the evening we headed out to Sunday@6 (Anne-Marie joined us), and I did my talk. I think it went well, although I still need lots more practice – particularly when it comes to actually delivering what I’ve written! I think that’s what I really struggle with at the moment. After that, Anne-Marie came round for a drink and we chatted for an hour or two as it’s been so long since we saw her.

Anyway. The other news I have, post-weekend, is that I’ve now handed my notice in at work. The wheels are definitely turning for us to move down to Oak Hill in August. Not long to go now! It’s quite scary thinking about what we have to do in that time – but I think it will help once we’ve finished work.

I found out today that one of my co-workers is also leaving in a couple of weeks. We are the only two developers on a certain project… I feel a bit bad leaving the company in the lurch like that, but what can you do? I have to leave if I’m going to college, so that’s just the end of it. Right, I think that’s all from me.

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