Project 365: The End.

Day 184: Peace and TranquilityDay 190: GuitarDay 196: Tree and SkyDay 200: Sat NavDay 205: Piano HandDay 211: Reflected Tree
Day 224: Piano KeysDay 228: Boat in WaterDay 231: A beach in North WalesDay 237: WaterfallDay 242: The ColneDay 246: Late Evening Gate
Day 277: DucksDay 302: Salt and PepperDay 310: Fence alongside a fieldDay 325: Wedding RingDay 328: Pick FlowerDay 341: Fordham Church
Day 356: ScrabbleDay 361: Mirror, Mirror...

Best Of: Part 2, a set on Flickr.

A couple of days ago I finished up my Project 365 challenge. I’ve now gone through and picked 20 of my favourite pictures from this half of the challenge and put them into a separate set.

It’s been, to borrow a word from the X-Factor (not that I watch it, but still) a ‘journey’. I’d never have thought, twelve months ago, that I’d be able to really finish the challenge – let alone get into photography and enjoy it!

Although I’ve been enjoying not having to take photos every day for the past few days, a part of me misses it and I think I will go out and take photos a bit more often from now on.

So, thanks Alex for suggesting this, I’m glad I completed it! And thanks everyone who has left supportive comments – they have all been appreciated.

That’s all from me for now.


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