Still alive, still busy

Apologies for my lack of updating over the past week or two – it’s been busy! We’re now into our second week back after half term, and work is progressing steadily. I’ve managed to draft most of my assignments, I only have one left to do which I’m fairly happy about. The last one left is my New Testament assignment, which I think will be really interesting: looking in detail at a passage (or several passages) in one of the gospels – great stuff.

Apart from that, I don’t have any particular news! I’m having thoughts about writing a series on this blog about the Trinity – I started writing a post but then realised I should probably finish reading the book I’m currently reading (which is about the Trinity) before starting any kind of series on the Trinity…

I know it’s not really good blogging form to apologise for how much you’re not blogging. Still, when have I cared about good blogging form, eh?!


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