How to hide political memes on Facebook

In my opinion, one of the worst things about Facebook is the political memes. Here’s how you hide political memes on Facebook.

As I said fairly recently, I think social media is pretty toxic at the moment. One of the reasons I think it’s toxic is that it’s a terrible environment to discuss politics. To be quite honest, I don’t really want to talk about politics with my best friends – let alone people I don’t know very well!

Everything has become so polarised: there’s no room for nuance. Our side is good, right and pure; their side is evil, immoral, and should be condemned. The political meme is one of the biggest culprits – you know, those pictures which push a particular political view. They tend to make issues black and white and simply demonise alternative views. They over-simplify, they take quotes out of context, they don’t consider nuance. I like to debate the big issues, I like to explore the rights and wrongs. Political memes just shut down debate rather than encouraging it.

In short, political memes are bad for my blood pressure.

However, there is good news: there is a way to stop seeing these political memes!

This is because most memes are shared by a few big Facebook pages. If you hide posts by those Facebook pages, you’ll stop seeing the memes. It’s that simple. Here’s how.

The easy way to block political memes

  1. Click the button with three dots in at the top right of the meme.
  2. Click on ‘Hide all from (The name of the page).
  3. That’s it.
(With apologies to this page – this is just an example! This is obviously not a political meme…)

Just do this for each page and soon you won’t see political memes. You’ll soon be well on your way to a less political, less stressful Facebook experience! You’re welcome.


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