Same site, different look

Hi folks, just to let you know that I’ve updated the appearance of this website. I was having difficulty finding a theme I like. WordPress is great, but one of the problems is it seems themes are getting more and more complicated. I wanted something which was just simple and straightforward!

So, for the first time in ten years or more, I’ve made my own. I hope you like it – or at least, it isn’t too bad. (I’m not really a designer, so that’s as much as I can hope for).

It’s funny looking back over the history of this site: it started back in about 2003 as a bit of fun while I was a student. Then for a long time it was just a record of the things I was up to – a sort of online diary. Over time it’s gradually transitioned into a place where I can write a bit more seriously about what’s going on in the world. And over the last month or so I’ve started vlogging, which is really a new thing for me!

So, there you go. I hope it’s … OK.


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